Credit Card Payments

Please note that MyClubMate is currently taking Credit Card payments on behalf of MyCompHQ for a number of Dance Competitions and Festivals in both Australia and New Zealand. 

If you have a payment on your Bank Statement that says MyClubMate (Hornsby) and are unsure, please check to see if this might be for a Dance Competition you or a family member have registered for in the last month.   

If you are still unsure, please call us on the 1300 343 900 or email us at Support@MyClubMate.com.au or Support@MyCompHQ.com.au 

Team Managers

Give your Team Managers and Coaches the functionality they want, and get them to do half your work......!!!

If you enable it, Team Managers can update their teams contact details, upload player photos, verify player's identity and other such functions. 

Online Credit Card Fees

Did you know that MyClubMate can set you up with Online Credit Card facilities quickly and easily and probably cheaper than almost anyone else?

Are you paying more for your Online Credit Card facilities through someone else?

If you have a player whose fees are $200, every 1% extra in credit card fees is costing your club $2 per player more than it should. If you have 500 members in your club, that's $1,000 in fees that you might not have to be paying....

Do all your players hand their shirts back to the club at the end of the season? Do you even know how many people are keeping their shirts? With our Shirt recording factionality, track who has what shirt and when they are handed back... and easily email everyone who hasn't returned their shirts with just a few mouse clicks.... what could be easier? You could be losing hundreds of dollars each year in lost shirts that we can help you get back....

Why pay more in hidden fees, step up to the plate and know what you are getting into before you play....

By switching to our system, you could actually be saving your club money....

Communicate via Email

As well as communicating with your members through your website, don't forget a good system that supports your club will enable you to communicate with your members through very easy to send email distribution lists. For example, imagine you have an U14 girls team that is short of a couple of players. With MyClubMate, you can send an email to all the girls in your club that played in Mixed U13's last year, who haven't registered to play again this year, or send an email to all the U14 girls who have registered.

If you are running a competition, image being able to send an email to all the players, team managers, coaches and referees who are scheduled to play on a specific ground tomorrow... which just a few mouse clicks....

Communicate via SMS

And of course we support the same sort of functionaity but sending via SMS.

Send an SMS to the Manager, Coach and/or Team Members of a team who have just had their game forfeited by the other team....

Have a load of grounds closed at the last minute by the local council? Send an SMS to all the Teams playing on those Grounds today - 4 mouse clicks and your done!

Smart Phone Use is supported...

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If you want to find out more of what MyClubMate can do for your club, give us a call on 1300 343 900 or send an email to support@myclubmate.com.au