Send Emails Quickly and Easily

Sending emails to players and Team Officials has never been easier.

Simply write your email using our Online Text Editor
Then select the option to send and choose how to build your dynamic distribution list...

Select from the sender list and then reduce the size down by selecting which Age Group(s) or Team(s) if appropriate.... and click send....

The system will send out individual emails to each persons email address(es) generated in the list...


If you run a competition and want to send emails to players or team officials relating to competition items, that is also just as easy.
In the example below, we are sending emails to all players and team officials playing at Asquith 1 or Asquith 2 on 13th or 14th April.
Click Send and it will send out the email to all those people within the 20 teams playing on those 2 grounds on those 2 days.....
Does it get any easier than that?

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